Lab212 is an interdisciplinary art collective.

Founded in 2008 by a group of friends who all graduated in Interactive Design at the School of Visual Art les Gobelins in Paris, the French artist collective puts our daily lives and environments into perspective, highlighting the invisible ties that bind space, movement and time through interactive storytelling.

Their works were exhibited at the Barbican Centre (London), the V&A Museum (London), the Miraikan Museum (Tokyo), the China Millennium Art Museum (Beijing), the Museum of Digital Art (Zurich), La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris).

“Encoding the evanescent relationships between physical and virtual worlds as strings of bits and bytes written in ones and zeros, the French artist collective Lab212 draws on science, videogames and music to build poetic and playful sensory experiences. Using craft and technology to ignite imagination and convey emotions, day-to-day human gestures are magnified to reach the inaccessible, the shifting of the gaze reveals the imperceptible.”
Caroline Hirt, Curator

Béatrice Lartigue
Tobias Muthesius
Pierre Thirion
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