Appel d’Air

2012 - Paper windmill, electronic, industrial fan

Appel d’Air is an installation providing its audience the opportunity to interact with wind.

By blowing on a tiny paper windmill, users trigger an industrial fan. The wind’s response is proportional in both duration and intensity to the input it received from the person who started the conversation.

A project by: Tobias Muthesius, Pierre Thirion - Lab212

Co-production: Stereolux

06.07 > 08.07.2017
Festival des Arts Numériques — Altigone, Saint-Orens
27.08 > 26.02.2017
Lab212 — Museum of Digital Arts, Zurich
01.12 > 30.01.2016
Paysages Actifs — LUX Scène Nationale, Valence
17.03 > 23.05.2015
Machine — Centre Culturel Numérique Saint-Exupéry, Reims
07.12 > 23.12.2012
Bain de Midi — Stereolux, Nantes