2016 - Depth sensor, computer, projector, sound system

Envol invites the visitor to embody a bird and fly above a boundless dreamscape. Space is shaped along the way, a musical topography emerges. The landscape resonates with the vibrations of the air.

The bird ventures within a generative world that evolves at the rhythm of its trajectory - as an echo to the visitor’s interactions.
A project by: Béatrice Lartigue - Lab212, Sébastien Courvoisier & Chapelier Fou
Wood sculptures: Anne Chériez, Tobias Muthesius - Lab212

Co-production: MuDA Zurich

10.03 > 17.03.2018
Festival Electrochoc — SMAC Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin-Jallieu
06.07 > 08.07.2017
Festival des Arts Numériques — Altigone, Saint-Orens
27.08 > 26.02.2017
Lab212 — Museum of Digital Arts, Zurich