2010 - Modules, camera, computer, sound system

The installation lists all the syllables of the French language and represents them on cardboards. Children place their words on a mechanical tongue and syllables are read aloud as they disappear into the bowels of the giant.

Using the syllabic decomposition of a sentence and the game of riddles, child perceives the language differently.


A project by: Cyril Diagne, Juliette Champain - Lab212

09.03 > 21.04.2012
Parcours Interactifs #5, Lab212 — Médiathèque, Mérignac
14.03 > 20.03.2011
MCDate, Langue française / poésie numérique — Maison des Métallos, Paris
06.05 > 14.05.2010
Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation — Institut Français, Meknes