2014 - Electroluminescent thread, electronic, computer, piano Disklavier

Portée/ is a collective multi-sensorial experience.

Through a poetic wandering visitors of the church are invited to explore the spacial & interactive qualities of music. When they touch and trigger vibrations of luminous threads tensed inside the church, the notes associated to each thread are played on an electro-mecanic grand piano.

 portee-installation.com

A project by: Cyril Diagne, Béatrice Lartigue - Lab212 & Chapelier Fou

Music: Chapelier Fou - Ici, d’ailleurs...
Co-production: KIKK Festival
With the support of: La cellule Arts Numériques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Partnership: Yamaha

Lumen Prize Performance Award

21.01 > 17.11.2017
Illusion, Moving Space — Kunstkraftwerk Gallery, Leipzig
25.04 > 29.04.2016
Leeds Digital Festival — Docks, Leeds
06.11 > 08.11.2014
KIKK Festival, The State of Play — Eglise Notre-Dame, Namur