Portrait Matcher

2015 - Depth Sensor, screens, computers, mobile

Portrait Matcher is an interactive installation which invites visitors to discover portraits art history.

By moving theirs faces, visitors can navigate through a collection of thousands of portraits. The face’s position and emotions are tracked in real-time to display Ancien Art to Contemporary Art portraits. A mobile application allows visitors to show more informations on each portrait.

 ted.com/talks/amit_sood_every_piece_of_art_you_ve_ever_wanted_to_see_up_close_and_searchable 

A project by: Jonathan Blanchet, Cyril Diagne, Béatrice Lartigue - Lab212

Commissioned by: Google Cultural Institute  

18.05 > 20.15.2016
Machine Learning & Arts, Google I/O — Mountain View
15.02 > 19.02.2015
Dream, TED — Vancouver

24.02.2016 > ∞
Google Cultural Institute, Paris