How to let people discover code through a simple, collaborative and poetic approach?

A pedagogical tool
Split is a pedagogical experience that aims to make code accessible to everyone.

An artistic context
Split was designed for the “Creative Code Party” which took place at Centre Pompidou Paris, in February 2017. 

The festival aims to let a large audience discover code through artistic workshops and installations. 
The idea
By using the metaphor of a tree, Split aims to let a large audience discover code potential and main principles like: variables, fractals, randomness...

The screen is splitted in 2 parts: by manipulating the code on the left, the user can discover on the right  the result in real-time.
2 complementary modes
With no background in code required, the audience can discover and manipulate properties, then try to modify code in a more advanced mode. 

Discover the potential of code through the manipulation of the tree’s properties.

Minimum / medium / maximum.
Black / green /blue.

Change code properties and values to explore infinite designs.

Minimum / medium / maximum or a value (between 0 and 100)
Black / green /blue.

Endless possibilities
By combining 12 properties and 3 values of a tree:
531 441 trees can be easily designed!

Tree: height, thickness, disturbance, curve.
Branches: sections, density, length, angle.
Leaves: density, color.
Fruits: density, color.

Participants can download a picture of their tree or print it directly from the app.

Workshop mode
In a workshop mode, each participant can plant his tree in a collaborative forest (by touching “Plant my tree” button).

The  videoprojected forest is growing and evolving in real-time, acording to the participant’s contributions (each tree will slowly disappear after 2 minutes long).

Split is dedicated to a large audience: children from 6 years old, adults... all beginners in code!
Try it!
Split is a made-to-measure Web App developped in JavaScript and intended for iPad tablets.
Lab212 is an artistic collective founded in 2008 by a group of friends including coders, designers and artists... Their members are teaching ”Media & Interaction Design” at Gobelins Paris and ECAL Lausanne.
Author: Béatrice Lartigue, Lab212
Development: Sébastien Courvoisier
Music by: Ivan Gariel
Photos by: Hervé Veronese
Commissioned by: Centre Pompidou Paris.